LFK works to address the consequences of marginalisation, working with its members.

The Legal Forum for  Kashmir (LFK) is an international, non-violent, and legal organisation. Its members are indigenous people of the occupied territory in Jammu and Kashmir. The aim of the organisation is to defend the political, social and human rights of Kashmiris and to promote the UN sanctioned Right of Self-Determination.

In today’s world, the notion of conflict resolution necessitates that those who continue to be denied their rights or remain excluded be given an opportunity to present their case. Unfortunately, it remains the case that Kashmiris themselves continue to be marginalised, even invisibilised, in most discussions or narratives on the conflict. LFK has, therefore, been established to fill the gap, providing an international forum through which its members can become effective participants and contributors in the international community.

LFK works to address the consequences of marginalisation, working with its members.

What We Do

Aims at providing access to adequate legal defense for vulnerable people in the Occupied Territory.

LFK is an independent organisation that advocates, nationally and internationally, the Right of Self-Determination and respect for human rights in Occupied Kashmir through legal research, documentation and capacity- building to address, under international law, the violations of individual and collective rights of Kashmiris.

*Conduct research, documentation and collection of data on Human Rights issues.

*Access to, and involvement of, global legal and civil organisations to address the growing injustice in Occupied Kashmir.

*To protect and assist the victims of conflict, LFK seeks to ensure compliance with obligations of International Human Rights Laws and International Humanitarian Laws which remain in effect during conflicts.

Meet LFK Team

The LFK have the real super powers as administraion to lead organization in good way.

Lal Chowk, Srinagar, IOK
Islamabad, Pakistan
Istanbul, Turkey

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