October 23, 2020
13:00 - 17:00
Islamabad Hotel

Press release from LFOVK.

Islamabad: October 23, 2020

Legal forum for oppressed Voice of Kashmir (LFOVK) held a one-day Kashmir Conference titled Kashmir’s Prolonged Military Occupation: Lessons from History and way forward. The objective of the conference is to highlight the 73 years of military occupation and the struggle of Kashmiris for the Right of Self-determination. The conference started with the recitation of Quran and National Anthem of Pakistan. Before the session began with the welcome note, a short video clip of Mr. Syed Ali Gilani was played to honor him as long-standing resistance icon of Kashmir.

The session commenced with Remarks by Dr. Khalid Rehman, DG Institute of Policy Studies (IPS), who enunciated that;

There would be No peace in region without giving justice to Kashmiris the issue of Kashmir is recognized by United Nations and still pending for disposal the more delay would definitely lead to a nuclear war.

Occupying military force in Kashmir and use of unbridled power cannot suppress the people. We have always presented Kashmiris as oppressed but we must also project their resistance.

Are Kashmiri’s ready to stay away from resistance? The answer is NO Sometime silence is felt but it doesn’t mean surrender.

We have to build National consensus on this issue check on the narrative, and execute same.

Remarks by Sheikh Tajamul Islam, Director Kashmir Media Services

Mr. Tajamul raised serious concerns that Jammu and Kashmir does not exist in the list of occupied territories in the world because failed law warfare in past. We must start Law fare against India, We are yet to build our legal case, we have to get it recognized that IOJK is occupied by India as per international law.  According to international law an occupation can be both legal as well as illegal.  Valentina Azarova, a renowned Canadian Jurist says unlawful prolonged occupation arises when an occupying state seeks to change the demography, status quo of a territory through de facto.

Palestine occupation dates back to 1967, but Kashmir is occupied since 1947, hence Kashmir’s case is prolonged Military occupation while applying the legal test governing law of occupation.

Remarks by Mr. Sardar Masood Khan, President AJK

President Masood Khan heighted the historical perspective of Kashmir dispute vis-a-vis the abrogation of special status on 05th August 2019. Moreover Khan said

If ever any talks commenced with India on Kashmir they must be trilateral in nature and he rule out this issue as Bilateral. Mr. Khan also impressed on Pakistan

Beware, when you engage with India, they have annexed the territory, bifurcation is done, if there are Bilateral talks optics will be bad for Kashmir.

What Israel accomplished in 120 years in Palestine, India will do same in next two years if law fare is not executed. We must approach ICJ and invoke referrals of ICC. BDS movements should be launched against India

Ambassador Abdul Basit, Former Pakistan High Commisioner

The behavior of Pakistan unfortunately has been Inconsistent and incoherent about this dispute. Pakistan must explain that whether they move towards status quo or they doing something different

Occasionally, the position of Pakistan was incongruent to our long held position about Kashmir, e.g. Musharraf’s 4 point formula. If we have to build pressure upon India within Kashmir and internationally, special envoy on Kashmir must be appointed as has been done in case of Afghanistan and for Middle East,

Unless we won’t involve everyone in this struggle we will not be able to achieve much. Post August 5 Pakistan has failed miserably on all fronts.

India’s consistent effort to undermine the issue by engaging bilaterally with Pakistan, will prove fatal if Pakistan agrees to talk on India’s terms.

Remarks by Dr. Mubeen Shah, Businessman from Indian occupied Kashmi

Kashmir called on Pakistan to make Azad Kashmir as base camp of freedom struggle in IOJK. He also called effort to make third country to bring India to international court of Justice

Since 1947 military occupation, India touts itself as largest democracy, how can they change status of Kashmir unilaterally.

Kashmiris are Victim of dehumanization through military occupation we are being killed, tortured, mimed, raped our property is being destroyed.

Economy has been willfully destroyed, India has brought all businesses to their knees because it is a part of their military operation to subjugate Kashmiris.

Remarks by Mukhtar Baba, senior Journalist from Indian occupied Kashmir

For past 72 years, Pakistan is in a state of war with India and Kashmiris are waiting for right to self-determination.

We need to question ourselves whether by commemorating BLACK day would bring freedom. If so, then why did not we achieve freedom in past 72 years?

Baba recounts the horrors of Military occupation in occupied Kashmir and asked Pakistan to strengthen Azad Kashmir government and declare it base camp for freedom struggle in Indian-occupied Kashmir.

Kashmir issue is international conflict and Azad Kashmir should be made as base camp moreover the Hurriyat conference must be revived and make proactive, Kashmiri diaspora played a good role however we need to organize them to build a strong case. Pakistan should issue passports to those Kashmiris who are working for the cause around the world,” the Kashmiri Journalist Baba said

Baba called for introspection of mistakes committed in past but urged to move forward with determination and new initiatives.

Remarks by Justice Ali Nawaz Chauhan Honorary Chairman LFOVK.

Kashmir is world largest militarized zone in the world with more than 800000 troops .The CIA fact book reveals that the people Army ratio is for every 5 individual one army person is present. 27 October 2020 marks 73rd year of military occupation in Indian occupied JK which is longest in modern History. Since 1989 more than 96 thousand Kashmiris have been killed by occupying army, 8000 have been subjected to enforced disappearance; there are 6000 unidentified mass graves in Kashmir. The occupying army use banned lethal weapons like pellet and PAVA grenades, Occupying force also use banned chemical to mutilate the dead bodies and destroy civilian property India has criminalized dissent in Kashmir. The ban on media and free press speak volumes the arbitrary detention under UAPA ,PSA has crossed all the limits despite amnesty calling PSA a lawless law India has detained more than 15 thousand Kashmiri’s since 05 August 2020. The impunity enjoyed by army under AFSPA (armed forces special power act) has jeopardized the legal system ,army use rape as weapon of war, killed innocent under custody and rampant use of torture.. The dispute of Kashmir is source of international armed conflict and the Indian Army perpetrating war crimes, crime against humanity which needs to be adjudicated seriously before the world judicial forums.

We need a strong political will translated into action by a skilful approach for this purpose. I am sorry to say that for years the committee on Kashmir remained indolent. I also would attribute indolence to government of Azad Jammu and Kashmir. Who should have been proactive throughout the 73 years.

The LEGAL FORUM FOR OPPPRESSED VOICES OF KASHMIR (LFOVK) is finding legal means of bringing the issue to the notice of the United Nations. We hope that this dedicated group of indigenous Kashmiris and their friends in Pakistan will successfully push the issue forward and obtain a legal decision not only against the carnage but also for action against the Indian war machine who is committing war crimes against the innocent people of Kashmir.

Remarks by Shehryar Khan Afridi, Chairman Kashmir Committee

Pakistan Parliament Kashmir Committee Chairman Shehryar Khan Afridi said government of Prime Minister Imran Khan has infused a new life in to the Kashmir narrative.

He called for reaching out to mainstream and social media institutions besides academicians.

“We do not want to recall mistakes committed in the past… we have will and determination to expose fascist Modi and his government while strengthening Kashmir narrative,” he added.

Kashmir Committee Chairman said his government in engaging Kashmir and building real narrative.

Afridi said every day since October 27, 1947 is a black day for Kashmiris.

“The world has realized that Indian policies are deplorable,” he said adding that Khan’s government will expose Modi on Kashmir at every Forum.

We urge UN to listen what Kashmiris want and give them their right to self-determination.

Mr. Afzal Khushal, Researcher LFOV

Mr. Khan briefly gave the introduction of Forum and explained the essence of law war fare to be projected in future course.

Nasir Qadri, Director LFOVK

The session was concluded with the vote thanks by Advocate Nasir Qadri Director LFOVK who said this is the beginning of law ware fare India will soon be red faced globally for its illegality and war crimes perpetrated in occupied Kashmir .

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